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Do you take reservations?
We do not take individual reservations. If you have a group of 15 or more and would like to secure covered seating our reception area of the barn can be rented for private use.
How do I order my pizza/food/drinks?
Place your order with the bartenders for all food and drinks. You will receive a pizza order number that corresponds to the digital numbers at the brick oven.  When your number is present you can place your number in the bin at the oven and pick up your pizza.  
What types of payment do you accept?
Cash or credit/debit cards
What activities are available while i wait for my pizza?
We have significant green space for lawn activities and we have a covered sandbox, playground, and GaGa ball.  We feature a variety of live music starting at 6pm. 
how long does it take to get my pizza?
Every pizza is made from scratch on a first come, first served basis. Depending on the time you arrive and the amount of people, wait times can vary (believe us, it's worth the wait). Here's a guide to wait times based on a typical summer evening:
4pm -- Approximately 10 minutes
4pm to 5pm -- Approximately 25 minutes
5pm to 8pm -- Approximately 60+ minutes
8pm to close -- Approximately 30 minutes
what makes your pizza so special?
It's starts with the ingredients--hand tossed dough, sauce made from San Marzano tomatoes, Wisconsin cheese and locally sourced veggies (when available). Then, we expertly bake it at high heat in our hand-crafted brick oven until beautifully bubbly on top with a char-speckled crust.  No two pizzas are ever alike. It's truly a one-of-a-kind experience.  NOTE: we also have a 10" Gluten Free crust option.
can i bring in outside food and/or beverages?
Due to Wisconsin State Law, you cannot bring in any food or beverages. There are a few exceptions: You may bring baby milk/formula or baby food. Also, if you're celebrating a birthday or other special event you can bring a prepackaged, store-bought cake. We do not provide forks or plates.
can i bring my pets?
During regular pizza nights, leashed pets are permitted outside of the buildings and away from the playground area.  If deemed a distraction or a disruptive to others, you may be asked to remove your pet from the gathering. Pets are only allowed in pet friendly designated cabins and must be in a kennel if left unattended at anytime.  Pets at are not allowed on bedding or furniture.
can i bring a lawn chair or something else to sit on?
Absolutely! We have limited seating (both indoor and outdoor) available, but feel free to bring your own chair for flexibility to move around after dining.  If a table can be made available other families will appreciate the shared ammenity.
Can I order for carry out or delivery?
We do not deliver and unfortunately we do not process call in orders anymore due to quality over extended periods of time.  We recommend coming early to place a carry out order due to the fast turnaround that is possible.  All pizzas are ready for pick up in a pizza box.
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